Online Meeting No. 2

Online meeting:
Presentation of partners‘ town/organization / Solidarity: the central subject of the project / How to proceed the subject of solidarity in project activities / Introduction of the project website / Epidemic situation and planning the project meetings / Next online meetings

27 January 2021
Project KEYtoEU

Organizer: Partner PVAH
Internet connection: Microsoft TEAMS videoconference system
Date: 27 January 2021, 14.00 – 16.00 CET
Participants: 14 persons, representing all participating partner cities
The list of participants is attached.
Program: the Agenda of the meeting was published to partners in advance

1. Presentation of partner’s town/organization
The ppt/pdf presentations of 7 partner towns were shown. The missing 2 cities will provide their presentations afterwards.

2. Solidarity: the central theme of the project. A lecture was made by Hans Herrmann (PVAH), supported by ppt material.

3. How to process the theme of solidarity in project activities
Comments were made by Miklós Marián project manager, with reference to the relevant sections of the Application Form.

4. Introduction of the project website
Wolfgang Landmesser (PVAH) introduced the project website which is under development and will serve as a public forum of the project. The website will be opened to the project partners in some weeks, and to be maintained by PVAH.

5. Distribution of the tasks of communication/dissemination (paid special tasks)
Comments by Miklós Marián project manager.
The Sections E.2, E3.3 and E.4 of the AF describe the tasks related to communication and dissemination, and, in addition, the Table 2 of the Partnership Agreement definitely summarizes the concrete dissemination outputs of the project. The work for producing four well defined outputs (project website, joint summary document, brochure, and the activities of the social media manager) will be honoured by specifically allocated money.
We are waiting for volunteering candidates who intend to achieve these tasks (except the preparation of website which has already been undertaken by PVAH). The tasks ought to be distributed to partners before the first project meeting. Further information will be given about these tasks during the next online meeting (planned for March).

6. The state of the epidemic situation and planning the project meetings
Seeing that recently the pandemic situation is very bad, and the prospect will remain uncertain for the next several months, it has been concluded that the first transnational meeting of the project should be held in September 2020. This means that the effective start of the project is postponed by one year.

When planning the extension of the project duration, we should take into consideration the following points of the Grant Decision:
2.2 The action shall be carried out between 01/09/2020 and 31/08/2022.

Accordingly, the official timeframe allows us to carry out the project implementation in the period of September 2021 – August 2022. The expected changes of the implementation period had already been approved by the responsible body EACEA on 11 September 2020, following our correspondence. We have to conclude a new schedule of the 9 project meetings, and then inform the EACEA again with the concrete dates of the meetings.

Partners are asked to give their new proposals for their meetings. Please give also an alternative date whenever possible in order to help avoiding the coincidence with other meetings.
The first meeting is planned for the first week of September 2021 in Alsbach-Haehnlein (DE). We could arrange further 3-4 meetings in the autumn of 2021 (end September – first week of December), and another 4-5 meetings in the period of end of January – July 2022. Normally one meeting per month is desirable, but occasionally two-weeks distance is also acceptable.

However, if a partner would say that this period is not acceptable (e.g. envisaged elections), then this partner should be allowed to organize the meeting in an earlier period (i.e. first half of 2021), which might be considered as an exceptional situation.
Deadline for sending the suggestions for the new partner meeting dates: 15 March 2021.

7. Next online meetings
Further online meetings are planned for March and May 2021, dealing with potential questions of project implementation. The exact dates will be decided commonly via the internet table.

28 January 2021

Hans Herrmann Miklós Marián
President of PVAH project manager

Download: Report 2nd online meeting

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