5th Project Meeting in Sulomona (Italy) 21.-24.04.2022

Solidarity with Disabled People

Participants from 9 european countriess in Sulmona

A travel into the memory – campo 78 * Social policies of the Municipality of Sulmon * CARITAS Charity Community * Learning at CPIA : a second change for new skill and qualification


G. Di Piero Major of Sulmona, G. Di Girolamo Senator of the Repubblic, C. Gerosolimo President of the Council of the Municipality, Hans Herrman President of PUAH, Miklos Marian Project Manage

Good Practice

"The path of freedom " - The Escape Route for thousands of allied prisoners and young italians who were fighting for the liberation of Italy
Nationum Concertus - Event organized by the Ovidio Comprehensive School: Translate Ovid into your own native language
Solidarity House – Anfass Association in Sulmona - Helping the disabled children
CARITAS - Charity Community - Helping the poors, refugees, homeless, giving them food and places to sleep
HeART Project - Inclusive power of art
Learning at CPIA : A second chance for new skill and qualification
Civil Protection – Presentation of the local system
Summary of the 5th Meeting KEYtoEU in Sulmona





The delegations at the Church of SS Annunziata
Event organized by the Ovidio Comprehensive School
Event Organized by the Ovidio Comprehensive School


Partners to the Project Sulmona  presents itself
Commune di Sulmona Municipality

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