2nd Project Meeting in Massamagrell (Spain) 24. – 27.2.2022

Solidarity with Disabled People

Participants from 9 european countries in Massamagrell

Open Debate with youth through the topic: “inclusion of migrants through social media (Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc) * Examples of good practices of local solidarity * Workshop: Youth in Marxa by Valencian Youth Council


  • Paco Gómez, Mayor of Massamagrell
  • Bartolomé Nofuentes, Advisor to the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana on European Projects and Funds
  • Welcome by Hans Herrmann, President of PVAH

Lecture by Bartolomé Nofuentes: “Examples of solidarity and development of European Projects in Quart de Poblet”

Summing up the conclusions of the morning with Mr. Miklós Marián and a discussion with young people on the inclusion of immigrants. From this session the interaction with the young people is emphasized, who showed a great degree of engagement. The concern about the conflict in Ukraine and the need for solidarity in this respect were also continuously present.

Good Practice

"Blood Minerals" IES-Massamagrell participated with a project initiated by the pupils of the 1st ESO

Discussion about a young people’s project “Inclusion of Migrants through Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc.)

“Marjal de Rafael y Vistabella” -one of the last swamps, 102,92 ha large which lie in the North of river Turia extending from Alboraya to Sagunto, which are fed by subterranean waters and remainders of irrigation
Examples of solidarity and development of European Projects in Quart de Poblet


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Performance of the “Unión Musical” of Massamagrell
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Participants from 9 european countries in Massamagrell
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Partners to the Project   Massamgrell presents itself
Massamagrell Municipality

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