Follow-Up of the EU Project

Alsbach-Hähnlein again is visited by partners of the project “Citizens for Europe – KEYtoEU“


The EU project KEYtoEU continues to have an impact. After the official end of the project in the Summer of 2022 participants from seven European communities came together again to an unofficial meeting at Alsbach-Hähnlein from May 7 to 10, 2023:

 Massamagrell (Spain), Sulmona (Italy), Atalanti (Greece), Tirana (Albania), Kozloduy (Bulgaria), Coordinator of the Project (Hungary). High light was the visit to a session of the European Parliament at Strasbourg on May 9, Europe Day of the European Union. On this day the „Schuman Declaration“ is commemorated, which in 1950 laid the head stone of the European Union.

Members to the PVAH and Partners of the EU Project KEYtoEU visit the European Parliament at Strasbourg on Europe Day
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