Online Meeting No. 3

Online meeting:
Revised meeting schedule / Distribution of the tasks of communication and dissemination / Goals of the project – in particular ‘How partners plan to involve young people in the project activities’

Project KEYtoEU

Organizer: Partner PVAH
Internet connection: Microsoft TEAMS videoconference system
Date: 25 March 2021, 14.00 – 15.34 CET
Participants: 19 persons, representing all nine participating partner cities
The list of participants is kept.
Program: the Agenda of the meeting was published to partners in advance

  1. Introduction to the general pandemic and potential travelling situation in Europe

Partners reported that the epidemic situation is still worsening recently, but hopefully it will quickly improve by accomplishing the vaccination program everywhere in Europe. It can be expected that the travel will be made free latest in September, and accordingly we can plan to continue the project work from that time.

2. Revised timetable of the 9 project meetings planned for the period of 01/SEPT./2021 – 31/AUG./2022

Five partners have already given information about the planned dates of their meetings, and three others said actually to schedule their meetings for the period which was not used by other partners, that is October 2021 – March 2022. This means that the 9 meetings will be scheduled for the period of September 2021 – June 2022 (occasionally latest until August 2022).

The EACEA Agency will be informed accordingly by the LP at the end of March 2021.

3. Distribution of the tasks of communication/dissemination (paid special tasks)

A ppt presentation was made by Miklós Marián project manager, giving information about the communication and dissemination tasks in accordance with the content of the AF and the Partnership Agreement.
We are waiting for volunteering candidates who intend to achieve these tasks (except the preparation of website which has already been undertaken by PVAH). The tasks ought to be distributed to partners until or in the course of the next online meeting (planned for June 2021).

  • The task of preparing a common ‘Brochure’ (electronic and paper) could be undertaken by someone who has affinity to the editorial task. The product should reach the target group of the project, especially the young people, but also the local governments. A member of the PVAH (Lutz Buechner) would be ready to share this job with another person from another partner.
  • The task of producing the ‘Joint summary document’ (electronic format) requires that the responsible person take part in all steps of the project activities and collect/edit the relevant documents for a final output of the project. (If no candidate appears, this task could be performed by the project manager.)
  • The task of ‘Social media manager’ includes to carry out the following activities during the entire period of the project: managing the common electronic, internet-based social media tools, like websites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, etc. ; using WhatsApp Messenger to ensure easy communication inside the network via mobile; and to set up a Media Responsible Group by volunteers, mainly school students.

4. How partners plan to involve young people
A lecture was made by Hans Herrmann (PVAH), supported by ppt material (see attached).
The essence of the topic was summarized in the following statement:
„The question is not what your municipality is doing for the youth. – The question is what the youth is doing for your municipality, for your country, for the society and at the end for Europe”

5. Next online meeting
The next (4th) online meeting is planned for the first part of June 2021, dealing with potential questions of project implementation. The exact dates will be decided commonly via the internet table.

25 March 2021

Hans Herrmann Miklós Marián

President of PVAH project manager